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Tuition Refund Policy


Our policy is to refund student tuition if notified of the class change, or dropped classes, within an appropriate period of time. Courses dropped prior to the first day of the semester will have 100% of the tuition charges cancelled. Courses dropped on or after the first day of the semester are subject to the attached refund schedules which govern the prorated cancellation of semester tuition charges in cases of program adjustment or withdrawal. Students who are enrolled and then withdraw may not receive a refund.  Refunds will not be made to students who attend class and have not completed the required withdrawal procedure. A refund/charge adjustment may be made of the registration and tuition fees, if a student withdraws or drops a course due to circumstances determined by the institute to be exceptional and beyond the control of the student, including but not limited to:

  • Illness of a student of such severity or duration, as confirmed in writing by a physician, to preclude completion of the course (s),
  • Death of the student or death in the immediate family (parent, spouse, child, or sibling),
  • Involuntary call to active military duty,
  • A situation in which the Institute is in error

Formal application for a withdrawal in the instances specified above must be sent to the office of the Therapeutic Case Management Director (

A written appeal for a refund or other appeal action must be submitted to the institute within 3 weeks of the end of the program to which the refund or other appeal action is applicable.

WEEK 190%
WEEK 250%
WEEK 3-625%

For further questions about our refund policy, please contact us on or call 305-423-9970

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